Tuition Fees

The annual fees for the school year 2024/2025 are:

Euros per year

Euros per month

Nursery to Reception

Early Years

11 976,00 €

998,00 € (x 12 instalments)

Year 1

Year 1

14 700,00 €

1 470,00 € (x 10 instalments, incl. summer)

School fee of children who continue in academic year 2025/2026 in YEAR 2 in Cambridge International school automatically includes part of school deposit in the sum of 2 700 EUR covering part of the CIS school fees. Therefore, yearly fee of these Y1 students in ac. y. 2024/2025 is de facto the same as in other grades.


If payment is made in full for the year at the time of enrolment by 30th of September, a 2% discount is available.

There are no other fees connected with any compulsory part of the school’s program. A wide range of optional activities are also provided free of any charge. The school does not charge a capital, building levy/fee or deposit and application fee.

The above fees include:

  • Tuition
  • Food and Refreshment (morning and afternoon snack, lunch, vegetable and fruit refreshment)
  • All the materials, workbooks and stationery
  • Clubs and Extra clubs
  • Seasonal courses (swimming, skating, cycling, tennis)
  • Summer camp for Y1 classes
  • Speech therapy service
  • All weekly trips and events as a part of experiential learning
  • Supplies (including diapers, laundry service, etc.)
  • Access to on-line camera system
  • Presents in occasional events (Christmas, Birthday, Children´s day...).