Every class has an individual weekly schedule of clubs which all the children attend. Basic clubs usually cover a wide range of interests and support the potential of children from wider perspective in accordance to their age. Clubs are covered usually by core teachers and main focus is to extend the area of knowledge or skills of children additionally to curriculum.


Sports help children develop physical skills, get exercise, make friends, play fair, build team-spirit, have fun and improve self-esteem. On Sports Club children try various kind of sport activities and learn to use sport equipment such as balls, play parachutes, hoops and ropes, jump and balance ladder, cones, goals and more.


Art helps kids to grow and develop. By Art club children develop their fine motor skills when they paint, colour, glue and cut. By doing something creative every time, they express themselves and cope with their feelings. Art also fosters mental growth by providing opportunities for trying out new ideas, new ways of thinking and problem-solving.


Children have lots of fun with music, as it brings great stimuli for their overall development and helps to express emotions. On Music Club they learn new songs, sing, dance to music, try new and extraordinary musical instruments and experiment with all kind of sounds and rhythms.


Finger Fitness Club develops Fine motor skills. Children strengthen finger and hand muscles via manipulating with small objects, playing with the play-dough and clay, playing games with soft balls or by practicing proper pencil grip.


On Science Club little Scientists learn about world by doing experiments, observing, describing and discussing simple scientific theories. Children talk about weather, Solar System, electricity, magnetism, sound and nature and are lead to never stop wondering.


On ABC Club children develop their knowledge of phonic sounds for learning how to read. They like to have fun by playing various phonics games, learning and forming the letters, or reading and working with the stories. ABC Club brings lots of fun.


On Maths Club children learn mathematics in simple, funny and playful way. They learn about all four operations (additions, subtractions, multiplications, divisions), problem solving, measuring, recognizing and ordering numbers, geometry and they play various logical maths games.


Fun Travelling Club brings fun for little explorers. Children gets to know different continents, nationalities, cultures and most famous monuments.


Nature Club brings experience of always changing nature. Children explores the world outside by using all their senses - they watch, smell, listen, taste and feel. They develop their love for plants, animals and natural world in general.


Drama allows children to express themselves through movement and storytelling. On Drama Club classroom changes to a theater and kids get their different roles.


Prosocial Club fosters children´s prosocial behaviour and empathy through various games, activities, role plays and cooperative play.


Little constructers use different blocks in size and difficulty according to their age. They construct walls, houses, buildings and bridges. By focusing on constructing children learn geometrical shapes, colours, sizes and spatial concepts. They stimulate their concentration, imagination and creativity, and they learn to plan. On Construction Club they usually work in teams and improve their cooperation skills as well.


Children gymnastics is a great start for any sport. It is helping kids to develop in a healthy way and to improve their motor skills. They are exercising through games and competitions and moving to the rhythm of music, which also develop and maintain correct body posture.


Using fairytales and short stories, the Book club is introducing children to the world of fantasy. They will learn how to recognize individual characters, understand sequence of events and the concept of good vs. evil. At the same time, it is boosting creative thinking by making up their own stories according to book illustrations.


For children, discovering the world around is always an amazing experience. Thanks to the Geography club they will learn about different countries and their pecularities, as well as get to know our planet Earth and her beauty.


Working with playdough is one of the best possible ways of relaxing and exercising kids´ fingers, as well as developing creativity. Modelling of basic and more difficult shapes helps children develop fine motor skills and learn how to bring their fantasies to reality.