Our Kindergarten has special sport instructors who cover all the sport courses led over the year focusing on basic seasonal sports including swimming, skiing, skating and tennis. Instructors are part of our team and organize all the courses, so we have full control over the content and the methodology as well as the quality and the extent of the individual progress. One of the biggest advantages is also the fact that they know all the children well as they work with them all over the year. Most of the courses are devoted to children in Reception and Y1 classes. Nursery classes take swimming course only. All the courses are free of charge and expenses concerned are included in school fees.


Swimming is an essential part of the weekly schedule of each class. Swimming lessons are lead by our Sport instructors, who know the children and take in consideration their level of swimming skills. Lessons start in October and are on weekly basis. Nursery classes use the pool on Gajova site to get used to water, to learn how to dive, float, swim, but overall to build positive approach towards swimming. Reception and Y1 classes use the 25 m long swimming pool at Pasienky or at Faculty of Physical Education and Sports. Swimming lessons are fully voluntary and are included in school fees.


Skating course is devoted to children in Reception and Y1 classes and, similar to Skiing course, it is intensive and lasts a week. Parents are informed about activities and progress with a certificate.

The course can be cancelled this academic year due to Covid-19 high risk, and will be then replaced by different outdoor alternative.


Tennis is realized in the form of an intensive weekly course during summer. In smaller groups, children first warm up properly on the courts through games and competitions. They move smoothly from games to tennis exercises, through which they learn basic tennis techniques. They improve their concentration, perception and, above all, they experience the joy of the game.