Curriculum Overview

Funiversity provides a full schooling program for children aged 2 to 6 year olds. The actual curriculum at Funiversity is based upon Cambridge school curriculum approved by Slovak Ministry of Education implementing the British National Curriculum and Slovak National Curriculum Standards at the same time. All the standards, of course, define basic competencies within a wide range of areas to be fulfilled by children of a certain age which enables them to become a successful student at school after finishing Y1. The curriculum covers all the basic areas such as Mathematics, English, Prosocial and Social skills, Art and Crafts, Music, Physical Education and Gross Motor Skills, Science, Social Studies, basics of ICT and much more.

However, it is only half of the story. We believe that the way the children learn is at least as much important as the content itself. We see education as a walk through a world full of a huge variety of topics and pictures, all of which are interconnected. The rhythm is part of the song, the song is part of the music and the music is part of life. Teaching itself reflects this concept and is divided into thematic blocks within which children gather knowledge from the world around them and themselves, helping them acquire well-rounded abilities and life skills.

The individual topics are formally assigned to their own specific time and space but are free to intermingle and frequently smoothly integrate with subsequent topics that are covered. We take great care to ensure that the theory is well connected to the practice and that children learn through hands on activities and direct experience in the form of various excursions, trips, sittings, performances and more.