About us

Our Kindergarten is the place which brings education and fun to kids from all over the World. We believe that childhood is the perfect time for setting the base stone of education and we believe that games and fun are the perfect means. By uniting these two beliefs we provide stimulating and easy going environment for little bright minds.

Our Kindergarten offers:

Long opening hours (7:00-18:00)

Service all over the year, including summer time

Above standard services

High level pedagogical care and education

Speech therapist and psychological support

Safety and control, online system cameras

English speaking environment

Attractive and child friendly facilities including a swimming pool and a sauna

Adequate menu giving you the chance to choose the meal

Trips and events on weekly basis

Seasonal courses

Individual approach

Open and clear communication and cooperation with parents

Regular monitoring and evaluation of children, individual parents-teacher meetings

Friendly, safe and welcoming community