New Student Information

When starting the Kindergarten, please make sure you bring the following essentials.


  • application form for school year 2023/2024
  • signed agreements for 2023/2024 – trips, pictures
  • questionnaire
  • contract
  • copies of IDs of all people who can pick up your child
  • medical reports/ doctor´s confirmation
  • copy: birth certificate of your child & insurance card of your child


Please, sign everything. This way we prevent it from getting lost.

  • comfortable & firm slippers
  • seasonal clothes (raincoat, rain boots, cap, scarf, gloves/mittens)
  • spare clothes (underwear, pants, T-shirt, socks)
  • swimming equipment (swimsuit, swim cap)


Some useful tips for successful start:

To help your child adapt to new surroundings fast and effectively, we recommend you to prepare your child in advance, to focus on positive motivation, to keep timing and to follow the basic rules. Here are some useful tips which may help you.

Talk about the Kindergarten: Talk to your child about what to expect, what they will learn and experience, about new friends to play with, about becoming a big boy/girl etc.

Keep the routine: We all need a certain level of routine and regular activities, and kids even more. Please, set the routine for your child at home as well as in Kg. If it´s possible, arrange the stable times of arrivals and departures. Your child needs to understand that you would come to pick them up on time in order to feel certain and to play without worries. Feel free to create your own rituals for moments of morning separation: hug, kiss, rhyme or a small task, for example: draw me a nice picture in the kindergarten. These rituals can make your separation easier for your child. If your child comes already crying to the Kindergarten, don´t hesitate to hand him/her to us, we will calm him/her down. The shorter the separation is the easier is to calm your child.

Timing: Again. It looks like everything spins around timing, however, yes, coming on time minimizes the potential stress and hurry and creates positive atmosphere. Coming to KG by 8:30 and leaving after 16:30 (once the child is fully adapted) provides enough time and space for playing, individual work and social interactions.

Try to keep your word: It is better not to promise anything than to promise something that can´t be fulfilled. With your stable approach of keeping your word you will help your child to experience that he/she can really rely on you.

Confirming emotions: It is absolutely all right if your child expresses negative emotions or cries. Our/your task is to let him/her know that we understand, that he/she is angry/sad and it´s OK, as well as pass on the calm emotion of “it will be fine, you can do this”

And the last big helper in making your child feel safe is a “toy friend” that will accompany your child to the Kindergarten. At the beginning, the best is some soft toy for sleeping, later on it can be a toy for playing with friends, anything that helps your child feel good in KG.