Extra clubs

Kindergarten may also offer some extra clubs or courses in case there is demand. These activities are devoted to Reception and Y1 children only. The number of children per group is limited and they are scheduled for after 16:00.



Drum and Base Extra Club is a great opportunity for children to play drums and other small Orff instruments. Drum and Base Extra Club helps children in early age to develop musicality and musical skills.


Folk Club is an Extra Club lead by a teacher, who loves Slovak folklore and Slovak folk traditions. On Folk Club children experience typical dances, folk songs, poems and riddles, they do crafts connected to Slovak traditional art and lots more.


Judo - combination of physical, mental and moral activity. Judo Extra Club combines exercising and discipline to teach children healthy lifestyle.


Lego - new way of thinking. Playing with Lego is a perfect way to excite kids about problem solving and inovative thinking. Lego Club is here to trigger kid´s phantasy and thinking through magical world of Lego blocks.


Dance Club is lead by the external sport instructor and together with music helps children improve their coordination, balance, sense of rhythm, and basic locomotion.


Board games teach children to follow the rules, team play, the essence of fair play and mutual respect. Children will playfully find out that it is okay to win once, sometimes to lose, but especially to have fun with friends.


Parkour is an art of movement in which children learn to find their way through various obstacles using their own bodies. Through playful activities, children explore the limits of their motor skills.


Outdoor sport activities represent a natural part of the kid´s life. Chasing and other games are helping children to learn about the cooperation and team spirit, and above all, they are developing their gross motor skills.


Riddles, brain-teasers, mazes, ... all of that is promoting the development of a child´s mind. Logical games are boosting normal curiosity and appetite for exploring, and at the same time, the kids are learning a lot of new stuff in an easy and fun way.


Travelling and exploring the world is an important part of life, even if it´s just by tracing the map with a finger. On this club kids will learn a lot of new information about countries and cultures all around the world, as well as about various types and possibilities of travelling and transportation.