School Rules

In our 16-year experience of running the KG we’ve learnt that some rules are not only good and effective but more than essential. To create secure and understandable environment for children we respect and follow these rules.


In connection to actual Corona Covid-19 virus pandemy and following the instructions of Ministry of Education for ac. y. 2021/2022 our Kindergarten will implement following arrangements. No person suffering any symptoms, which can be potentially symptoms of Covid-19, can enter the facility.

Pandemic Plan - Covid 19

Please, beware of the health condition of your child and don’t bring him/her to the KG sick. If any symptoms of an illness are visible in the morning, we have a right to refuse your child to join in the daily activities. Also, if any symptoms appear during the day at the KG (e.g. cough, thick buggers, fever, vomiting, diarrhoea, etc.), we will contact you and ask to pick up your child immediately. The school is not eligible to serve any kind of medication (syrup, drops, or pills), please, don´t ask for it. The exceptions must be consulted with a director/school manager.


Timing is one of the most IMPORTANT factors of successful and easy-going well being in the KG. Please, keep the timing, check your class schedule, watch the notes. The kindergarten is open from 7:00-18:00. What times are the most important? Keep the timing of your morning arrivals. We start our program in classrooms at 8:30 which means that best time to come is 8:30 latest. Recommended pick-up time is 16.30-17:30, as we finish our organized program at 16:00. When there is a trip, please, be punctual or let us know about your delay or absence. Also, let us know about any irregular arrivals or departures during the day (after lunch, before/after nap, etc.)


In case somebody else is picking up your child, please, let us know about it beforehand (the best in the morning or later by SMS/ call).  if the person is going to pick your child regularly, please, provide us with the name and copy of ID. Eventually, add this person to the list of authorised persons to pick up your child without the previous notice.


Please, always check the „Ringing Schedule “on the doors, so you can find the class of your child easily and at the same time you don´t disturb the other classes.


Because parents have limited access to facility, you will have no access to information we used to keep on wallboards and lockers. Some of the information will be available on entrance doors, though. However, most of the information will shift to personal communication and electronic sphere. Thus, please, regularly check your e-mails or our web page. We keep on informing you via weekly INFO NEWS about news and forthcoming events. Parents letters and Newsletter will bring you updates about kindergarten life.

At the same time, we would like to ask you to inform us about all the important matters regarding your child.


We believe that open and straight communication is one of the most important factors of smooth and successful cooperation. And thus, if you have anything – question, idea, comment – bring them all, let us know. If we understand you, we can assist you.


We have our own parking boxes which you can take an advantage of during dropping or picking up your child in KG. Please, be respectful to others and do not use our parking place for parking over the day. The cars we don´t know can be town away. 


This year we plan the regular meetings about the child´s development and well-being in kindergarten, as usually. In Autumn we shall have the contact meeting, in Winter and before Summer we plan to arrange the mid-term and end-term meetings. If possible, we keep the meetings outdoors, keeping the strict hygienic rules, having masks on, passing the filter and keeping the proximal distance.


Please, make sure to bring your child appropriate clothes considering event, weather, or season. Of course, in autumn and spring you need to have rain boots and rain coat; in winter you need to have waterproof, warm snow pants and jacket, hat, scarf and gloves and proper boots; in summer you need a cap as a sunstroke prevention. Please, bring your child also some spare clothes, so we can keep them in the locker and use in a case of accidents. Please, sign all your clothes properly for easier identification. Please, give your child clothes which are comfortable, and he/she can move in them freely. Kindergarten is a place, where child gets dirty, please, count with it. Slippers should be safe, firm, and comfortable. This year you need additionally 2 pieces of clean FACE MASKS for any case.


Please, don´t allow your child to bring to the Kindergarten anything precious, expensive or whatever you don´t want to be lost (earrings, expensive toys, phone, iPad, money). These things should not be kept in the child´s lockers. If they are, the KG does not take any responsibility for their loss or destruction. Special belongings should be announced to teacher in advance and signed properly (e.g. creams, toothpastes, books).


This year, children are not allowed bringing the toys from home, with the exception from children in adaptation process. In this case the travelling toy is fine. The similar exception is the dummy or sleeping accessories. All the exceptions should be discussed with class teacher.


Candies & own food from home is in our KG forbidden. Please, when you bring food from home to your child when picking him/her up, don´t offer your food to other children as you never know which child is allergic and how serious it can be.


When celebrating Birthday/Nameday please discuss the celebration in advance with the class teachers. Please, let us know if you want to bring the cake. Your personal contribution by bringing some small surprises is FULLY VOLUNTARY.  We highly recommend bringing small toys (e.g. stickers, balloons, toys, etc.) rather than candies.