Gardening and renovating


A delightful morning of joined efforts

Gardening and renovating

With sunny skies overhead and an air of excitement, parents arrived armed with gardening tools, and an eagerness to contribute their time and efforts. Together, they planted vibrant flowers, aromatic herbs, and even vegetables, teaching the children the wonders of nature and the importance of sustainable living. Parents and children joined hands, sharing laughter and conversation while getting their hands dirty. The little ones gleefully watered the plants, marvelling at the colourful blossoms and the promising growth of their green friends.

Throughout the morning, parents not only contributed their time and skills, but also created memorable experiences for their children. The event fostered a sense of ownership and pride in the kindergarten community, instilling in the children a profound appreciation for their surroundings and the value of teamwork.

By the end of the morning, the garden and playground stood as a testament to the power of collaboration and the love parents have for their children's education. The renovated outdoor spaces now served as a canvas for countless adventures and discoveries, fostering creativity, physical activity, and a deeper connection to nature.

The event showcased the positive impact that parental involvement can have on a child's learning environment. It not only beautified the outdoor spaces but also forged stronger bonds between parents, children, and the Funiversity family. Thank you for your help!