Kindergarten Curriculum

While planning our educational activities, we follow the National Curriculum, the British National Curriculum and the Cambridge Curriculum stating key competencies and skills the children need to gain while in pre-school education. Specific weekly plans of child’s class are always updated on the wallboard in every campus.


Nursery covers the age of 2 to 3 year old, when children usually start with their Kindergarten career. For this class, it is the most important to handle the child´s adaptation and separation form parents. Children need to adapt to the kindergarten atmosphere, regime and rules and learn all skills for self-care. Our main focuses cover mostly social and pro-social areas gaining basic social and prosocial skills and overall psycho-motor development supporting exploration of the world by all kinds of activities. We work on fine motor as well as gross motor skills, as well as understanding of the world and its basic principles. Education is led usually by implementing the system of didactic educational centers, individual work and play as the best possible way for children to learn everything essential. Every activity of the day is considered to be educational and didactic so children form their everyday routine and habits.


Reception covers the age of 4-5 year olds. Children in this class already start with more advanced activities based on skills and knowledge acquired in Nursery. During this period, which usually takes two years, the children also start gaining deeper and wider knowledge base incorporated in our topical yearly plans. They begin to gain understanding of the processes and things around them. They are also encouraged to think of the people around them and develop more complex social skills through play and everyday activities. They start to learn and understand more complex concepts of numbers and letters developing their math skills as well as reading and writing skills so they have a good starting base for the preschool year.


Y1 covers the children in the age of 5-6 and this year is preparatory for school. It is the year of significant and crucial changes in many areas. Of course, children learn to read, write, count, implement and interconnect their knowledge but in the same time they develop their interpersonal and intrapersonal qualities. They work on their self-esteem, independence, responsibility, social skills, copying strategies, ability to take a risk and much more. They are becoming more mature and developing internal motivation to learn, improve and handle challenges. Y1 is also the time when the children train various learning strategies and learn how to learn.