Taking a good look…

to the place we live at


Every day we wake up, follow our routine, get on our way, children go to the kindergarten, we, to our workplaces… then, groceries, get this, grab that, go, go, go… aaand the day´s over. Chances are that, while we´ve been busy on our rushed ways, we passed by pretty interesting places, full of details to observe, shapes worth stopping at to analyse, and landscapes that we could enjoy being at for quite a longer time than we usually do. To fix that, we chose a suitable spot on our surroundings, grabbed our hard covers, paper sheets and drawing tools, and got ready to spend a nice, calm, and focused time looking at all the little things that we don´t get to on our day to day.

Each of us got our eyes caught by something different and drew a unique, personal piece, all while enjoying the pleasure of peaceful, uninterrupted observation, an uncommon activity for the times we live on, and so, even more necessary.

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