Shortening the distance

Still laughing, still learning, still together


As you know, this January was mostly spent on the online learning. It’s not what we wished for, but what was necessary to keep us all, teachers & children, safe and sound

But we certainly didn’t lose the time; in order to make up for the physical distance, we worked to offer more online activities than ever: speech therapy sessions from our professionals, thematic clubs (like science, storytelling or dancing) guided by our best teachers, or sport lessons leaded by our friends from FitKids, among others. Meanwhile, we learnt how to improve even more our online systems and resources, so we´re ready to put them in practice whenever the situation will require it.

We would also like to use this space to say: THANK YOU. Thank you, thank you, and thank you once again. Without all of you, parents, and your continuous support and trust in our doing, we wouldn´t be able to keep going and to overcome the arising obstacles, all while making sure that no one stays behind.

 See you at the kindergarten :)

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