How do I feel?

Exploring our emotions


Most of us can agree that understanding our feelings it´s a challenging task –no matter your age or situation, we are continuously “invaded” (and, many times, even overwhelmed) by a myriad of emotions… often, more than one at a time, and maybe even contradictory! Being so, it´s not surprising that children tend to be constantly overtaken by them, feeling confused and even lost in themselves. Our job, then, both of educators and parents, is to guide and provide them with the tools to, ultimately, become confident, empathetic adults, capable of recognising and managing efficiently their emotions, as well as understanding the others´.

As you can imagine, it is a slow, long-term path that doesn´t start and end within this week -rather, it´s a fundamental part of our daily work with these lovely children (each one with its unique, lovely, developing personality), and one of the most rewarding :)

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