Dive in!

Seizing the opportunity


Due to the COVID security measures, having our regular swimming courses on big pools was, understandably, totally out of question during the present school year. That’s why, when we got notice about the lift of the restrictions for big groups, we decided that it was a chance to make good us of: intensive swimming week, there we go!

With just a week’s notice, we had to be quick with the arrangements, and we certainly must praise you, parents, for your cooperation with such short notice (because, as kids grow big, so their clothes grow small…). On Monday morning everything was set, and excitement was in the air!

After a jolly bus trip, they were more than ready for it, and so they went! A whole hour of water fun passes rather quickly, though, but later, as their eyes closed for a well-deserved nap, a happy smile was drawn on their faces, knowing that they still had a few more days to enjoy it to the top :)

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