It´s Mother's Day!


A Day of Love, Appreciation, and Bonding

It´s Mother's Day!

At Funiversity, the spirit of love and appreciation filled the air as the heartfelt Mother's Day events unfolded. The occasion was a special opportunity for children to honour their mothers and express gratitude for the love and care they receive each day. With class performances and engaging workshops, the event aimed to celebrate the extraordinary role of mothers while fostering a sense of community and joy among the kindergarten families.

The afternoon began with an air of excitement as children eagerly prepared for their class performances. Each grade had spent weeks rehearsing songs, dances, and skits to create a heart-warming presentation. The classrooms buzzed with anticipation as parents arrived, greeted with colourful decorations, and handcrafted cards lovingly prepared by their children.

After the performances, everyone moved to the garden to enjoy a series of workshops designed to deepen the bond between mothers and their children. The workshops offered a range of flower-themed activities, allowing moms to participate alongside their little ones.

The events served as a reminder that every day is an opportunity to celebrate and honour our extraordinary mothers, to whom we´ll never be able to thank enough for their never-ending love :)