Who do we call family?

Because everybody needs one :)


Family is just composed by a mother, a father, and children… or is it? Well, we all know that families can get as complex as we can think of, and that the extended family includes several generations and many (like, MANY) ramifications, developing into the beauty if what we call the “family tree”. Now, to understand that there were generations that came before us; that out parents, grandparents, even our great grandpas! were also children themselves; to understand the concept if time on a big scale… all that takes, well, time.

As children, time is our most abundant resource, and we try to pass on them the understanding of how precious is for us all, just as precious as our beloved ones; and how do we, above all, cherish that precious time with our precious ones. This conformed a beautiful week, talking about them, sharing our familiar particularities, and getting the sense that, without them, we wouldn’t be as great as we are :)

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