What-a-Kid´s Day!

Bigger than ever!


Lucky as we are (and, we do consider ourselves quite lucky), among our clients there are many relevant figures of the Slovak Republic and abroad, who are also happy to help us to offer unique experiences to our children.

So, when we were given the opportunity to have the Bratislava´s football stadium for a day, we didn´t hesitate to say: YES, PLEASE! But… what to do with it? Well, luck was once again on our side, given that Kid´s Day was just around the corner, so we set our minds to offer the best celebration of youth that this city has ever seen!

Dance, games, sport activities, yummy fruits and, of course, cotton candy! Nothing was spared for this day, where every child and teacher on our kindergarten as well as on our big sister Cambridge School, enjoyed every single moment of it. Certainly, one to remember and never forget!

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