Mission: Christmas

To never surrender


As the global and local situation was, is, and (for the near future) will be, it was clear that the development of our traditional Christmas play, all together in a theatre, with all of us and all of you in a closed place, just wasn´t going to be feasible. Therefore, we set our minds on other ways of expression, one that would be able to be made in the safe environment of our kindergartens and, somehow, make its way to you, the parents. If only, if, only, there would exist such a way, some kind of method… oh, right, the seventh art, but of course!

So, we got hands on! Brainstormed ideas, wrote scripts, divided tasks, got materials… and rehearsed, rehearsed, and fixed it just a little bit more! Each of our locations came up with a unique result, which we hope that you will all enjoy together, big and small, and so, shortening the distance among us all :)

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