Let´s climb the Tube!

An Old Town adventure


Summer is an excellent time to be in Bratislava: a rollercoaster of events and activities of the most various kinds is constantly offered to get us out of our homes and kindergartens and, as you well know, we´re always ready to go for it!

This time, though, the credits ought to go to one of our clients of our Staré Mesto location, who extended us an invitation to make this visit possible. I mean, a gigantic, interactive, on-the-air installation to go up, through and around… There´s just no way we could refuse!

So, on the chosen day, and after a short walk under the blue sky, we made it to Stará Tržnica, where we climbed up and amazed ourselves with the intricate design, the privileged view, and the challenge to move through such a strange, little world. After a few rounds, it was of course time to go, although if it would have been up to them… We would have had our nap time up there! :)

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