How much love can it fit into a shoebox?

As it turns out, a real lot!


Although a famous North American tradition, there are similar festivities to Thanksgiving around the world, all about the joy that comes from the boons of the harvest. For us, is a great opportunity to reflect on the best part of ourselves, that which is able to give without the expectation of any retribution.

The shoebox project is a magnificent opportunity to give exemplify the concept of altruism, and to involve all of us, children, families, and kindergartens, in a beautiful act with a great goal. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your commitment and your donations, it fills our hearts with pride and joy to have such a great community of kind people working together :)

And, since that was mostly “homework”, we had a parallel good deed running on our classes: bird feeders! Because caring about others also means caring about the other species that live around us and that, during the long, cold winter, could use a helping hand to keep them well fed.

Because helping the others, is helping ourselves.

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