Bicycles are for summer

… and autumn and winter and spring too!


Summer is, without a question, the best time of the year to be outdoors, especially for sport activities, and in that category, bicycles hold a special place, allowing us to travel great distances, discover new places, or simply take a lovely walk and an ice-cream.

Useful both as a mean of transport as well as a mere entertainment, proper biking skills are one of the “must” of sport skills. That´s why we decided to go on with the idea of an intensive week, dedicated to improving their dexterity in many situations: riding as a group, obstacle races, difficult terrain, and of course a simulation of real-life street biking, where they had to pay attention to traffic lights and signs, the side of the road to circulate on, preferences on crossroads, and many more details that allow us to go far and wide.

Because, as always, safety first.

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