Pandemic plan – Covid 19

In connection to actual Corona Covid-19 virus pandemy and following the instructions of Ministry of Education for ac. y. 2020/2021 our Kindergarten will implement following arrangements. Most of the measures you already know, as we have applied them already in summertime. However, please, check them once again, anyway.

Kindergarten and regime arrangements

  • During the day we will try our best to avoid mixing of children as much as possible and depending on the weather we will spend as much time as possible outdoors.
  • Relating to the size of the campus, particular classes may have separate entrances and separate sectional “collecting classrooms”. When there are kids from different classes, they will all wear the facemasks.
  • Garden and playground stay divided to zones
  • The nap time for younger children is shortened, in older classes is implemented relax time. During the nap and relax time, the classrooms are ventilated by opened windows, and we try to keep distance in between the mats
  • Speech therapy room is used as an isolation room if necessary


  • Morning and afternoon snack will be served preferably in the classroom, or in the garden under strict hygienic rules
  • Lunch will be served in the dining room in time slots to avoid mixing of sections
  • Dining room will be disinfected after each group, and the space will be continuously disinfected with ionisator


  • Focus on regular and proper washing of hands (soap, warm water)
  • Disinfection containers in the classrooms and by the entrances
  • No textile towels, replaced by paper towels instead
  • No brushing teeth after lunch
  • Laundry of bedding weekly
  • R-O-R rule (rúško=face mask – odstup=distance – ruky=hands)


  • Concomitant disinfection of most frequently surfaces and bathrooms at least twice a day
  • Deep and proper disinfection of the facility after closing kindergarten
  • Concomitant disinfection of indoor space using ionisators
  • Concomitant disinfection of toys after using
  • Ventilation of classrooms by opened windows


  • Obligatory face mask for non-pedagogical employees always over the day; parent, clients, or visitors; sport instructor or external lectors
  • Obligatory face mask for pedagogical employees always out of their classroom, in "collecting classroom" and outside
  • Obligatory face mask for children in case they go out of the KG facility area, when moving over the facility out of the class and in "collecting classroom"
  • Obligatory face shield or transparent face mask for speech therapist when working with child

Health in KG

No person suffering any symptoms, which can be potentially symptoms of Covid-19, can enter the facility. Please, be aware of the health condition of your child and do not bring him/her to the KG being not completely fit.

Morning filter

  • Children will pass the morning filter every morning when coming to kindergarten – in case the child does not pass the filter, the child will not be accepted to kindergarten
  • Teacher will measure the child´s temperature, which must not be more than 37.2°C
  • Teacher will disinfect child´s hands, and child walks through wet disinfection barrier
  • Child must not have any symptoms of disease, especially: reddened, inflamed and leaky eyes; clogged nose with difficulty in breathing; thick, rubbery, coloured (yellow, green-tinged) nasal mucus (rhinitis); ear pain, ear leakage, impaired hearing; dry suffocating cough; moist productive cough; lethargy, inadequate fatigue


  • In case the child is absent more than 3 days, parent must sign the “Declaration of Infectiousness” in the morning when coming to KG
  • In case the child stayed at home because of mild symptoms and visit of the doctor was not necessary, parent will sign the “Declaration” when coming back to KG and does not need the Confirmation from the doctor
  • In case the child suffers sever symptoms and parent visited the doctor, parent also brings the Doctor´s confirmation and signs the Declaration

Travelling abroad

  • If travelling abroad to risky “red” country, parent follows the actual measures of Heath Authority, it means when coming back: contact the doctor, stay in quarantine, pass the testing after 5 days. The child is accepted with the negative test only. Child under the age of 3 does not need to be tested and the parent negative tests are sufficient unless the doctor decides differently. 
  • If travelling to the country which is at the moment considered by State Institutions as safe “green, parent does not need to stay in quarantine, however the child will be accepted to kindergarten only after 5 days and negative testing of family member (child/ parent).
  • Business trips will be solved individually. We recommend considering of travelling, and if travelling following all the given preventive and hygienic measures. 

Alert system – Covid “traffic lights”

Ministry of Education has implemented the system of Alert Lights for schools and kindergartens, defining phases and what to do steps. Please, find the chart with details attached.

Green phase

Everything all right.

In case, there occur the symptoms identical with symptoms of Covid-19:

A, CHILD → child goes to isolation → kindergarten contacts parents → parents come to pick up the child as soon as possible and contacts the doctor if necessary and follows his instructions, at the same time informs kindergarten about recommended measures

B, EMPLOYEE → employee leaves home and contact the doctor if necessary and follows his instructions, at the same time informs kindergarten about recommended measures

Orange phase

Everything OK BUT! there exists the suspicion to being Covid-19 positive (suspicion must be confirmed by Doctor or Health Authority only):

A, CHILD → close contacts of the child go to home isolation = classmates and class teachers → we wait for the results of testing and further Health authority measures

B, EMPLOYEE →close contacts of the employee go to home isolation = class colleagues, children → we wait for the results of testing and further Health authority measures

C, FAMILY MEMBER → we wait for the results of testing and further Health authority measures

Red phase

Happens when there is confirmed two or more positive cases of Covid-19 among children, employees or in case of Health Authority measures.

Kindergarten follows the measures and instructions of Public Health Authority, which considers closing of the class, section or the whole kindergarten location.

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