According to circumstantial evidence it seems that Covid-19 pandemic will be slowly retreating. Following this evidence as well as instructions of Ministry of Education for ac. y. 2022/2023 our Kindergarten will implement following arrangements, back to normal for 90%. In case of change of epidemiological situation, we will operatively react and take ad hoc arrangements.



  • Morning gathering room: 7:00-8:30 for all, in bigger locations big and small sections are separated
  • One entrance for all – main entrance, bigger locations use two entrances
  • Parents do not enter the facility
  • Child passes the morning filter

DAY – 8:30-16:00:

  • Classes operate basically separated following given schedule
  • During the nap and relax time, the classrooms are ventilated by opened windows, and we try to keep distance in between the mats
  • Speech therapy room is used as an isolation room if necessary


  • Afternoon gathering room: 16:00-18:00 for all children together, in bigger locations sections are separated
  • One entrance for all – main entrance / or garden gates
  • Parents enter the facility


  • Extra clubs are kept separated for individual classes; children are not mixed – monthly rotation cycle



  • Morning and afternoon snack as well as Lunch will be served in the dining room. In case 2 classes are present, dining room is divided to zones
  • Dining room is properly disinfected with ionisator.



  • Focus on regular and proper washing of hands (soap, warm water)
  • Disinfection containers in the classrooms and by the entrances
  • Textile towels replaced by paper towels instead
  • Brushing teeth after lunch
  • Laundry of bedding weekly or when necessry



  • Concomitant disinfection of most frequently surfaces and bathrooms during a day
  • Deep and proper disinfection of the facility after closing kindergarten
  • Concomitant disinfection of indoor space using ionisators
  • Ventilation of classrooms by opened windows



  • Face masks/ Respirators are cancelled for children as well as employees – they stay optional
  • In case of positive case, face masks will not be obligatory anymore
  • In case of outbreak or change of measures given by RUVZ – change reserved



No person suffering any symptoms, which can be potentially symptoms of Covid-19, can enter the facility. Please, be aware of the health condition of your child and do not bring him/her to the KG being not completely fit.



Children will pass the morning filter every morning when coming to kindergarten – in case the child does not pass the filter, the child will not be accepted to kindergarten

  • Teacher will measure child´s temperature, which must not be more than 37.2°C
  • Child goes to wash hands (or uses disinfection)
  • Child must not have any symptoms of disease, especially: reddened, inflamed and leaky eyes, clogged nose with difficulty in breathing; thick, rubbery, coloured (yellow, green-tinged) nasal mucus (rhinitis), ear pain, ear leakage, impaired hearing, dry suffocating cough, moist productive cough, lethargy, inadequate fatigue, vomiting, diarrhoea




In case of illness or if child was sent home (to doctor) due illness symptoms – parents must sing the Declaration always, even the child was missing less than 5 days, unless they bring the Confirmation from a doctor.


In case, the parents take sick leave with child (OČR), they must bring confirmation from doctor about its duration. In this case, the kindergarten must send notice to social insurance company. If parents do not bring confirmation, we can´t make a report which may cause potential problems with receiving your social benefit.


School attendance for Y1 hcildren is obligatory. Absence of Y1 child MUST be excused. Parents can officially excuse max 7 consecutive working days (illness/ vacation). If illness lasts longer, parent must provide a Confirmation from a doctor. Exceptionally, director may excuse even a longer vacation, which must be informed about in advance by mail or SMS. Due to easier records, each Y1 will have a separate register where parents signs in.


It is not obligatory to excuse the absence, but we appreciate if you announce.



  • No restrictions



Ministry of Education does not run the school semaphore for academic year 2022/2023. However, they specify following arrangements:

1. Morning Filter for Kindergarten is obligatory.

2. At the entrance to facility must be visible Announcement.

3. Face masks – following the valid measures of Public Health Authority (RUVZ), nor child neither employee need to wear the face mask in interior or exterior.

4. Reporting breakdowns – If at school, the prevalence of COVID-19 cases is increasing (10% of positive children from total number) and RUVZ confirms the breakdown at school, director is obligated to inform the Ministry and will follow given guidelines. → let us know if your child is positive

5. Isolation – it is a restriction on free movement of the positive person in public. Isolation lasts 5 days in case the person shows no symptoms for last 24 hours of isolation. End of isolation is confirmed by doctor only in case of symptomatic course of the disease. Doctor does not provide the Confirmation. After 5-day isolation, the person must wear the respirator for 5 more days. Children under 6 are exception. → if your child is positive, keep him/ her at home, min 5 days → child comes back to kindergarten in case having 0% symptoms in last day of isolation → as the child does not wear respirator when coming back to kindergarten, it is responsible to check eventual positivity by home self-test

6. Quarantine – it is the preventive measure for persons who have been in close contact with positively tested person. Close contact stays in quarantine only if doctor confirms that quarantine for that person is necessary. Quarantine finishes after 5 days if there are no symptoms. In case the child shows symptoms, parent contacts their doctor. If the parent can´t reach the doctor, he/she follows the guidelines at: → class quarantine is not automatically applied → we will inform you about positive cases in the class as usually by mail and in case of doubts whether your child should be in quarantine, check with your docto

For updated info check the website of Ministry of Education:

For more info check